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Dynamics of Personal Time Control®
by Paul J. Meyer

Because how we plan and use our time is influenced significantly by our attitudes, Dynamics of Personal Time Control®provides insightful information about changing our attitudes and habits to ensure that we maximize our time. Designed to help increase personal productivity, achieve personal goals, and enjoy greater success, this program presents a comprehensive view of time management in every area of life. Using your time wisely is one of the best investments you can ever make; it pays tremendous benefits!

This productivity-improving program includes:
  • A manual with 10 independent study sessions
  • CDs to reinforce the Concepts and Principles in the manual
  • A Plan of Action Exercises to turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality
  • Working tools to help manage your time effectively

Topics covered:
  • Accepting time as a state of mind
  • Understanding the importance of the 80/20 formula
  • Becoming a self-starter
  • Learning to deal with negative feelings and time
  • Making time for your family
  • Learning special time savers
  • Reaping the rewards of time control
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by Paul J. Meyer

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