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SMI® Results
The well-educated and skilled sparring trainers™ help our clients to develop at a personal and professional level. They help leaders become better leaders and develop their companies.

Statements about our programs and seminars from clients worldwide

"I have grown as a leader and person."
— Spain

"I have succeeded in establishing a healthy work-life balance."
— Ireland

"We have learned to focus and work on the important things – things are running much more smoothly now." — Australia

"Why did we not try this sooner?" — England

"Now the family is eating dinner at the same time."
— China

"I have improved."— India

"I don't let anyone steal my time anymore."
— Singapore

"The profits have increased, and everybody is more satisfied now."— Japan
Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting® Dynamics of Personal Time Control® SMI's other programs
Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting®
by Paul J. Meyer

The program gives you an image of your life, your job, your leadership and your company. It helps you think creative, take action, communicate efficiently and create results. Read more
Dynamics of Personal Time Control®
by Paul J. Meyer

You learn to deal with situations and people, who steal your time. The program teaches you to work in new ways, and to focus on what is important to you in your job and your life. Read more
SMI's other programs

Leadership for Women® is the latest program of SMI. It focuses on strong trends in female leadership.

There are also a range of other interesting programs for personal and organizational development. Read more
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